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billiards and snooker

Browse our selection of new and used pool tables in our store to see the many different opportunities you can have with a home billiard table. Give us a call to find the perfect style, size, color, and price of your new snooker or billiard table! Already got a table? We also provide a wide range of different maintenance and services. Whether you need a simple recloth or a complete table move, we've got you covered.

Some examples of table services and repairs we do are...

  • Assembly, disassembly, and/or move

  • Re-cloth and re-cushion

  • Slate replacement

  • Crate job and shipping

  • Delivery and installation

  • Re-finishing and Restoration

  • Re-leveling 

  • Installation of new pockets and slights

  • …and other general maintenance!


Slot machines come in many different variations of manufacturers, styles, games, ages, and levels of technology and complex parts. Here at Games People Play, we have the experience to properly diagnose and repair your slot, regardless of if it is a rare antique or a new video slot! 

Some examples of slot service and repairs we do are...

  • Replacement of lights, wires, and other parts 

  • Installation of new CPU boards and monitors 

  • Jammed arms and pull handles

  • Bill validator and coin validator errors 

  • Reconfiguring, resetting, and programming

  • Cleaning

  • Miscellaneous error codes

  • ...and more!


Pinball machines are old, complex pieces of hardware that require attention-to-detail and great understanding of electronics. Here are Games People Play, we have technicians with the depth of knowledge and skill required to bring your electro-mechanical or solid-state pinball machine back to working order. Your machine will be running as close to factory-new as possible after a repair with us! Additionally, like your car, pinballs need routine maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good working condition and high value. We can perform any restoration and maintenance items your pinball needs!

Some examples of pinball services and repairs we do are...

  • Diagnosis and repair of scoreboard errors

  • Repair of stuck bumpers and mechanisms 

  • Restoration, refurbishing and cleaning

  • General maintenance items

  • Local moving, delivery, and installation

  • Replacement of coils, switches, targets, and lights

  • ...and more!


Games People Play can accurately diagnose failures and errors within the different components of your video arcade game. There are many options for repairing classic video arcade games from factory-fresh to new-and-improved. We can convert your arcade game to a multicade machine with new flat screen monitor and boards which will expand your level of entertainment. You’ll appreciate our honest advice to help you decide which way to proceed with your repair and restoration.

Some examples of arcade services and repairs we do are...

  • Error code diagnosis and repair

  • Replacement of boards, lights, monitors, and programs

  • General cleaning and maintenance 

  • ..and more!


Games People Play services both business and home Jukeboxes, old and new.  We have been servicing this industry for over 41 years and we’re familiar with most makes and models on the market today. Whether your jukebox is a bluetooth Crosley jukebox or an old-fashioned Wurlitzer, our technicians will find the root cause that is pausing your tunes!

Some examples of jukebox services and repairs we do are...

  • Light replacement 

  • Bubbler repair 

  • Repair electrical and mechanical systems 

  • General cleaning and maintenance 

  • ..and more!

shipping, delivery, and installation

Don't have trucks or trailers to hail your new game room addition home? Not to worry. We have box trucks available to deliver and install your equipment quickly and safely to your home. Not local to Arizona? We also ship all of our in-store equipment to any state in the contiguous United States. Give us a call for quotes, estimates, and additional information when shipping and delivering outside of Arizona.

Some examples of shipping services and equipment installations we do are...

  • Pool tables

  • Slot machines from our store 

  • New arcade games 

  • New jukeboxes

  • Game room equipment such as ping pong tables, poker tables, air hockey, foosball tables, and miscellaneous parts and items

  • Any furniture

  • Any online order

Call us: 928-776-9500


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